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Yaram Yahu


Yaram Yahu is an internationally known and accomplished Researcher. His body of work is phenomenal. Yaram is the well-known voice behind the YouTube Network TruthUnveiled777 that was launched in December 2015. Gaining more than a quarter-million subscribers worldwide, and viewed by over 48 million people all over the world, TruthUnveiled777 has now transcended into a brand new network on YouTube: TruthUnveiled777 Archives.


When only 11 years old in 2010, Yaram YAHU self-published a children's book entitled "Heartland". In 2010, at age 15, Yaram YAHU published his debut novel, "Secrets of the Untold Spirits". The Mist High led Yaram YAHU into the full-time ministry work in 2010 where he continues to faithfully serve to this day. If you'd like to know more about Yaram YAHU visit his website or send him an email. (See the links below).


In 2018, Yaram YAHU founded Witness To The World (WTTW), WTTW strives to provide witnessing tools, resources, immersion packets, and immersions for everyone regardless of background, language, origin or nationality. WTTW has conducted Immersions (baptisms) in the United States and Ireland. In 2018, WTTW will conduct immersions in the United Kingdom, Thailand, and other nations. We invite you to join us at these events for fellowshipping or immersion. If you'd like to learn more, please visit our website (see the link below).

Email: TruthUnveiled77@gmail.com
Website: http://TruthUnveiled777.com/
YouTube: http://bit.ly/2FZPtzuhttp://
Website: witnesstotheworld.org

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