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Have you ever wondered why the Hebrew language is written in consonants without vowels and does anyone know which vowels go where in a word, and why? Would you like to be blessed with the answers to the above questions and to speak, read, write, translate, and transliterate the ancient language Moses spoke and wrote? Would you like to uncover scribal errors and outright deception in the Hebrew Scriptures? If yes, keep reading!


Pre-captivity Israelites such as Moses wrote their Bible books in Ancient Phoenician Paleo Ibaryath. 911 Ibaryath RESCUE presents the 66 Ibaryath pictographs (alphabet letters) from the Ancient, Paleo, and Late eras plus their true consonant and vowel sounds, and their equivalent English letters. (We present 43 English words to demonstrate each pictograph’s consonant and vowel sounds). 


911 Ibaryath RESCUE contains 770 Ibaryath vocabulary words (80 words with phonics), 73 Vocabulary Word Questions, 22 Matching Questions, 66 handwriting exercises, and 22 high-resolution photographs to bless our readers with a peak learning experience and maximum pleasure. 

911 Ibaryath RESCUE provides an excellent opportunity for family-AHAYAH bonding. It makes a great gift for any occasion and for all seeking a deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures.


Size: 8 x 11

911 Ibaryath Rescue | Ancient Phoenician Paleo Hebrew | International Edition