Blossom is available for pre-orders now. This item is expected to be released in September 2019.

  • 350 plus main root word entries
    • Only 700 root words are required to read the Hebrew scriptures.
    • Blossom has enough root words to empower you to read more than half (if not all) of the entire Hebrew scriptures.
  • Acquire the essential vocabulary needed for conversational Hebrew
  • Thousands of root words organized by family and derivatives
  • Reveals the relationship between Hebrew words
  • Root word analysis
  • Root word interpretation
  • Root word pronunciation
  • Avail the exclusive promotion that comes with every pre-order

Blossom Dictionary of Biblical Phoenician Hebrew

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  • The expected release date of Blossom is September 2019. Pre-order now to avail our exclusive promotional offer. No refunds.